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Please note that all staff information is not yet available in English.

Head of Department

Helene Whittaker, Professor, Ancient History and Archaeology,


Ahlberger, Christer, Professor, History

Alexandersson, Henrik, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Andersson, Anna-Carin, PhD, Archaeology

Andersson, Ann-Sofie, PhD candidate, History

Andersson, Eva, Lecturer, History

Andreeff, Alexander, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Aslaksen, Ole Christian, Research fellow, Archaeology

Axelsson, Tony, Lecturer and Research fellow, Archaeology, Cultural Studies Programme Coordinator


Bergerbrant, Sophie, Research fellow and Lecturer, Archaeology

Bertilsson, Catarina, Research assistant, Archaeology

Blank Bäcklund, Malou, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Bolin, Hans, Docent (Senior Lecturer), Archaeology

Bonnier, Anton, Postdoctoral fellow, Ancient History and Archaeology

Borenberg, Paul, PhD candidate, History

Boye, Sveinung, PhD candidate, History

Bünz, Annika, Lecturer, Archaeology


Castenbrant, Helene, Research fellow, History

Cavallin Aijmer, Maria, Educational Programme Coordinator, History

Cornell, Per, Professor, Archaeology

Christensen, Jan, Senior Lecturer, History


Dackling, Martin, Research fellow, History

Dahl, Izabela A., Postdoctoral fellow, History

Dahlén, Klas, PhD candidate, History

Daun, Johannes, PhD candidate, History


Ellis Nilsson, Sara, Lecturer, History

Espolin Norstein, Frida, PhD candidate, Archaeology


Fischer, Peter M., Professor, Cypriote Archaeology


Goldhammer, Julia, Guest Researcher in Prehistoric Archaeology

Gustafsson, Anders, Senior Lecturer, Archaeology, Head of Undergratudate Studies

Gustavsson, Anna, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Gulzar, Sidra, PhD candidate, Archaeology


Hansen, Christine, Research fellow, Environmental Humanities, History

Hanson, Lars, PhD candidate, History

Hermanson, Lars, Professor, History

Heß, Cordelia, Senior Lecturer, History

Hjertman, Martina, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Hjørungdal, Tove, Professor, Archaeology

Holmberg, Carl, Senior Lecturer, History


Isendahl, Christian, Senior Lecturer, Archaeology


Jakubec, Pavol, PhD candidate, History

Janson, Henrik, Reader, History

Jezierski, Wojtek, Research fellow, History

Johansson, Linnéa, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology


Karlsson, Håkan, Professor

Kramer, Maja, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology

Kristiansen, Kristian, Professor, Archaeology


Larsson, Daniel, Research fellow, History

Larsson Lovén, Lena, Senior Lecturer, Director of Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology

Linde, Martin, Senior Lecturer, History

Lindkvist, Thomas, Professor, History

Ling, Johan, Research fellow and lecturer, Archaeology

Locke, Anna, PhD candidate, History

Lundqvist, Pia, Research fellow and lecturer, History

Lövqvist, Linda, PhD candidate, Archaeology


Macane, Aija, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Magnusson, Thomas, Professor emeritus, History

Magnúsdóttir, Au∂ur, Senior Lecturer, History

Malmer, Mari, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology

Malmstedt, Göran, Professor

Markusson Winkvist, Hanna, Senior Lecturer, History

Mühlenbock, Christian, Teaching adjunct, Archaelogy


Nauman, Sari, PhD candidate, History

Nilsen, Andrine, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Nilson, Tomas, Teaching adjunct, History

Nitenberg, Annelie, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Nordberg, Britt, PhD candidate, Ancient history

Arwill-Nordbladh, Elisabeth, Professor emerita, Archaeology

Nordbladh, Jarl, Professor emeritus, Archaelogy

Nordström, Emma, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Normark, Johan, Research fellow, archaeology

Nyberg, Kenneth, Senior Lecturer, History

Nyqvist Thorsson, Anna, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Nyström, Lars, Senior Lecturer, Director of Studies in History


Olsen, Kim, PhD candidate, History

Ottosson, Anders, Research fellow, History


Palm, Lennart Andersson, Professor, History

Pauli, Petra, Teacher Training Programme Coordinator, History

Persson, Lennart K, Professor emeritus, History

Persson, Maria, Postdoc, Cultural Heritage Studies, Archaeology

Pihl, Annika, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology, Student administrator


Ramirez Barbosa, Teobaldo, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Rotbain, Avigail, PhD candidate, History

Runesson, Anton, PhD candidate, History

Rönnlund, Robin, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology


Sabatini, Serena, Research fellow and lecturer, Ancient History and Archaeology

Sandström, Cecilia, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology

Schallin, Ann-Louise, Docent (Senior Lecturer), Ancient History and Archaeology

Selsvold, Irene, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology

Simonsen, Anders, Student Advisor

Sjöberg, Maria, Professor, History

Sjögren, Karl-Göran, Research fellow, Archaeology

Skott, Fredrik, Teaching adjunct, History

Skoglund, Peter, Research fellow, Archaeology

Solemsli, Fredrik, PhD candidate, Ancient History and Archaeology

Stenborg, Per, Research fellow and lecturer, Director of Studies in Archaeology

Streiffert Eikeland, Katarina, Senior Lecturer, Archaeology

Strömberg, Agneta, Senior Lecturer, Ancient History and Archaeology

Strömberg, Lars G, Teaching adjunct, History

Synnestvedt, Anita, Research fellow, Archaeology

Szymaszek, Maciej, Research fellow, Ancient History and Archaeology


Tegengren, Gunilla, PhD, History

Thorelli, Johanna, PhD candidate, History

Tolmacheva, Sophia, PhD candidate, History

Torgrimsdóttir, Anna Torbjörg, PhD candidate, History


Uhnér, Claes, Postdoctoral fellow, Archaeology


von Schéele, Adam, Departmental Librarian


Wessman Anna, PhD candidate, Archaeology

Whittaker, Helene, Professor, Ancient History and Archaeology, Head of Research, Head of Department

Wiking-Faria, Pablo, Teaching adjunct, History

Wikström, Frida, PhD candidate, History

Wiman, Ingela, Senior Lecturer, Ancient History and Archaeology, Head of Postgraduate Studies

Winther Forsbäck, Jakob, PhD candidate, History


Yuan Yuan, PhD candidate, Archaeology


Zachrisson, Terese, PhD candidate, History

Zackrisson, Daniel, PhD candidate, History


Åshede, Linnea, PhD, Ancient History and Archaeology




Östenberg, Ida, Research fellow, Ancient History and Archaeology


Contact Information


University of Gothenburg, SE Box 200, 405 30 Gothenburg Sweden

Visiting Address:
Renströmsgatan 6

004631 7864510

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